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Elevating airport ground transportation


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Don Griffin, Partner


Jeanette Yang, Partner

With over 30 years of airport, rideshare, airline, and ground transportation experience, GY Consulting specializes in unlocking the power of efficient airport ground transportation solutions.

From strategic planning to operational enhancements, we provide expert guidance to enhance passenger experiences, reduce congestion, and improve overall efficiency. Discover innovative strategies tailored to your airport's unique needs, ensuring seamless connections and exceptional service. Trust our experienced consultants to streamline your ground transportation, making every journey an effortless and enjoyable experience

With more passengers turning to rideshare as their primary mode of transportation, we want to help you navigate the problems and successes of rideshare through curb management/ allocation, wayfinding, reporting, and agreement consulting.


GY Consulting sets itself apart with a leadership team having direct experience spearheading airport partnerships while working at a rideshare technology company and also possessing decades of experience working within the airport/airline industry. Our team has worked with over 200 airports throughout the U.S. and Canada to help solve ground transportation challenges related to rideshare/TNC operations and how to integrate this evolving technology with more traditional modes of transportation.  Provided below are some highlights of how GY Consulting can assist with your ground transportation challenges.

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